Thursday, October 31, 2019

I Go Dancing

It's Halloween. This isn't my favorite time of year really, but it's still a good time. A good enough time to get out and go dancing. Swing and blues fusion dancing in specific.

The need to go out was increased by the fact that the city of Colorado Springs was basically closed down over the past few days. To say that I was going stir crazy would be to put it mildly.

There was a problem: I had no costume. I had no idea what to wear. One thing I've learned about creativity, though, is that it becomes more powerful as the date in question gets closer. Here's a chart to help visualize:

So, I'm worrying as one does when they don't have a costume for a costume party. I could go as me, but that's far too scary boring not what I want. So, in looking through my closet, I discovered that I had a Tai Chi uniform top, complete with frog buttons:

And then I remembered an absurd-ish story that a friend of mine told. She has a cousin who, in her youth, dated a guy who claimed that he was a "Tai Chi street fighter." It has been a running joke in the family ever since. If you have learned anything about me, it's that I love silly things and inside jokes. My first blog post has a picture of me wearing a corgi hat after all. And this story included both silly things and inside jokes. So I told my friend about it, and she couldn't wait to help me put on some stage makeup to make my knuckles look like they just survived a brawl.
My friend is immensely skilled
So that's how I went as a Tai Chi street fighter.

And sometimes we need to have funny things to sustain us through the years. After all, being a diabetic on Halloween is nothing if not difficult. It is a day dedicated to becoming something else, walking around the neighborhood, and asking for candy. The first of which anyone with a chronic illness will tell you feels impossible, and the other two are quite literally dangerous for a diabetic.

For the record, it was a wonderful dance and an immense change of pace from being stuck inside for a few days.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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